Authenticated Scanning Setup

In order for our assessment team to complete a fully authenticated assessment of your devices (if using our device) we require some specific configuration to be completed.


In order for our assessment tools to have access to your system we require a local admin account which has access to both WMI and SMB on the machine.

Security Accounts

Cyber Tec Security will be completing an authenticated vulnerability assessment of your network and systems as detailed within this document using several different tools and techniques; whilst these tests are not designed to cause any issues or disruption, scanning can impact the performance of the network and systems being tested.

During our testing, Cyber Tec Security will require two new user accounts as per the below to be created for our use:

  • ScanAdmin
    • This user must be a domain admin and local admin of the machines we will be using and the network we are scanning.
  • ScanUser
    • This user must be a domain user / standard user of the systems and network we are scanning and testing. This user account should have a mailbox configured and ready for our use.

Setup for LINUX

Our scanning platform will use SSH login to your LINUX distro to enable us to verify the configuration and look for any vulnerabilities. In order to achieve this successfully across our remote connection to you, we require SSH to be enabled on the default SSH port or you will need to advise Cyber Tec Security as to what port SSH has been enabled.

Please note: if you would prefer to use public key, you can setup your system appropriately and provide Cyber Tec Assessors with the keys required to access your system. This is slower in terms of our initial setup and scanning but will be supported if required.

ADDING A ScanAdmin user in LINUX

Adding a ScanAdmin user with SUDO access

Setting up SSH

Setting up SSH