Adding a User to Sudoers

Important: Only advanced users who have a compelling reason to do so should ever modify the sudoers file, it may pose a security risk, or you may break something if you get this wrong.

1. Launch Terminal and type the following command:

sudo visudo

2. Use the arrow keys to navigate down to the “#User privilege specification” section, it should look like this:

       # User privilege specification
       rootALL=(ALL) ALL
       %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

3. Put the cursor on the next empty line below the %admin entry and then press the “A” key to insert text, then type the following on a new line, replacing ‘username’ with the users short name of the account you wish to grant privilege to (hit tab between username and ALL):
{username you are using without these brackets} ALL=(ALL) ALL

4. Now hit the “ESC” (escape) key to stop editing the file.

5. Hit the : key (colon) and then type “wq” followed by the Return key to save changes and exit vi.

This is roughly what it should look like, the example screen shot shows username ‘osx’ added:

Our scanning platform will use SSH login to your MAC to enable us to verify the configuration and look for any vulnerabilities. In order to achieve this successfully across our remote connection to you, we require SSH to be enabled and running on the default port (if you have changed the port, please ensure you advise your assessor).

Please note: if you would prefer to use public key, you can setup your system appropriately and provide Cyber Tec Security Assessors with the keys required to access your system.


See our guide on how to enable SSH.