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Create IOS Filters in Microsoft Intune

Device filter creation for application to specific policies within Intune.

First, log in to your Microsoft EndPoint Manager/Intune portal.

Select "Tenant Administration" and from the middle menu "Filters"

Select "Create" and "Managed devices"

Give your new filter a name and select the platform it will apply to - in our case, we are creating one that will filter IOS 16.x devices.

We will create a filter that looks for Apple devices (just to be sure) and the OS level starting with 16.

If you are happy, and you have a few devices within your tenant already, you can check that you have the correct settings here by clicking the preview button at the bottom of the Rule syntax screen.

Once you are happy, you can click "Next", review the summary and click "Create"

You can now utilise this filter within your policies to apply them to, or filter out, specific devices.