Agent Setup for MAC OS

Setup of the AppleMAC OS X Agent

In order to complete the assessment of a MAC device, we require you to install an agent onto the device. The agent installation is a simple task but does require some command-line access (Terminal)

Official Installation Guide - short cut below

Manual Deployment of the Agent

You will need to have administrative (sudo) access to your device in order to install the agent.

  1. Firstly, download the package file from the website URL we provided to you in the CE Plus Onboarding Email.

  2. You will then need to open a Terminal Window in order to install the Agent, using Finder, search for "Terminal"

  3. You will now need to run the installation command, as sudo, however, if you try to run this at the moment, you will not have direct access to the file you downloaded when you sudo, therefore, we recommend a drag-and-drop of the file from downloads, into the terminal window, then editing the command you see.
  4. You can then execute the installation command by editing the text you have created on screen with the drag and drop of the file from your downloads folder - alternatively, copy the command from below, paste that into the Terminal Window and edit the {your username} replacing it with the login name you use for your MAC.
    sudo installer -pkg /users/{your username}/Downloads/CyberTecCloudAgent.pkg  -target /
  5. Once you see the installation has completed successfully, as above, you have one further command to execute
    sudo bash -c " if [[ -f /usr/local...... {we will provide this if you have MACs}

    You should see the Terminal Window display that some permissions have been amended for the root account and the group wheel (or similar)

  6. At this point you can terminate the Terminal Session by typing "Exit" into the Terminal Window and then closing the Terminal Application 

  7. You will need to manually add the Permissions for the Privacy Features and Service
    1. MacOS 10.15 and onwards, applications need to be granted appropriate permissions for
      privacy features and services.
    2. does not install kernel extensions (KEXT) or System Extensions. needs to be explicitly added to the allow list for below privacy
    3. Enable Full Disk Access (FDA)
      1. Permissions for the Privacy Features and Service
        This privacy permission can be manually managed by users in System Preferences 
      2. Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access.
      3. To grant authorization for FDA for with help of MDM like
        Jamf/Meraki, use below Bundle Identifier and Team Identifier:


When we conclude the assessment, your assessor will select to remove you from our Qualys system. Once you are removed your installed Qualys agents will self-remove the next time they check in to the platform. This works only once, so if you have a script installing Qualys, it will reinstall and you will then have to manually remove it.

You can manually uninstall Qualys using the uninstall command from a terminal session of your macOS device, using the following command: 

"sudo /Applications/"